Explaining the Immaculate Conception to Kids (and Adults): 2011


Colored by my daughter, Cupcake #1

Thank you Lacy at Catholic Icing for another great free resource about the Catholic faith! Here is an explanation by Lacy about her beautiful drawing on the Immaculate Conception:


Symbolism in this picture includes Mary in the womb of St. Anne (wearing her signature veil). St. Anne and Mary both have their backs turned towards the apple tree to visually state that Mary was conceived without original sin. There are 3 beams of light coming down from the sun that stand for the trinity. Also, the snake (Satan) is unhappy about what has happened here.

On Dec. 8, Catholics around the world celebrate another beautiful feast day, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. What does this mean? Many Catholics and non-Catholics mistakenly think that this day celebrates when Mary miraculously conceived Jesus, however this feast day refers to Mary being conceived without original sin. There are so many great articles and resources to explain this doctrine. One article I found, “Advent- The Immaculate Conception”, does a beautiful job on how to explain such a teaching to young children. I include the link to the article for myself to refer back to for my children, but if you have time to read it, I hope you too will be blessed by it in some way. Today also concludes the Immaculate Conception Novena that I blogged about HERE.

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