AUDIO: Listen to our Sounds of the Season segment on the hanging of the greens


In Roman times, evergreens were a symbol of fertility, peace and joy. Christians adapted the practice of hanging the greens in their homes and worship spaces to represent everlasting life through Jesus’ birth. In this Sounds of the Season segment, Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith and Values explains the significance of decorating with pine, holly, ivy and fir branches as Advent begins.

The rustle of plastic holly strands echoed in the sanctuary at United Advent Christian Church in Wilmington as Lorraine Sutton prepared the space for the church’s annual Hanging of the Greens service last Sunday. The event at many churches is a contemplative and symbolic time setting the stage for the four Sundays before Christmas. Purple or rose candles in a circular Advent wreath are lit each week representing the expectation of the messiah and God’s continuous power. A tall Chrismon tree overflows with gold and white ancient Christian symbols – fish, crosses, stars and crowns – for purity and majesty. Though Sutton says she knows many of the symbols in the service began in pagan times, she says she’s glad Christians converted them for their use today. Amanda Greene,

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- Amanda Greene

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