“More than just our back stories” – the big break for Micah’s Rule


The bios of the musicians who make up Wilmington band Micah's Rule read like many country/inspirational Christian artists.

Grew up singing in the church. Preacher's son. Then became a preacher. In many bands. Degrees in music and ministry. Recorded some albums. Toured with Christian music legends. Even struggled with their faith along the way.

What their bios don't mention outright might make them one of the rarist recent talents to record in Nashville. The three musicians of Micah's Rule are an openly gay man, transgendered woman and a lesbian. 

Mary Anne Hewett, Greg McCaw and Chasity Scott of Micah's Rule

Mary Anne Hewett, Greg McCaw and Chasity Scott of Micah’s Rule

But Greg McCaw, Chasity Scott and Mary Anne Hewett don't want their sexuality to define them. They want their music to be the centerpiece of their life and ministry. 

“There are many people who are gay in the music industry in Nashville, but they're so far in the closet,” McCaw said. “It's just our back story, plain and simple, but we're not using that as a marketing tool for our music, positively or negatively. We want to be a musical group like any other, but we realize our back story will get out.”

And after returning from their recording session in Nashville with famous producer Mark Moseley, Micah's Rule is ready for their turn in the spotlight. The band is having its CD premiere party at 7 p.m. Friday (Jan. 18) at the Community Arts Cente