What’s the most popular ministry beard?

It's winter, and many men – even pastors – try their hand at growing and sculpting the wiry scruff on their cheeks and chins into facial statements.

Christianity Today's Leadership Journal just released its guide to ministry beards. There's the Post-Evangelical Stubble, The Guru Goatee, The Hawg Preacher or the Boy Band Church Planter. 

(To the magazine's credit, they acknowledged their fun graphic totally left out female pastors.)

For our region, we added one for local color – The Pirate, somewhat defined in the vein of Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean facial do- an upside down triangle mustache and a soul patch.

But beards don't just hide pretty faces, they can also serve the greater good. In January, Pastor Pat Kelly of Fredonia Hill Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX, challenged his church to raise $5,000 for End it Now, a ministry that fights sex trafficking, before he would shave his full beard.


Which matches your minister's facial hair style? Take the poll to find out the most popular pastoral beard in the Cape Fear. 


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  1. Tiffany McCallen

    This poll made my day! The most recent pastors in my life both had goatees (nice ones), but an acquaintance of mine has a serious long-beard issue (currently in music ministry). It cracks me up!


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