May 28 — 5 Faith Things for Today

T-Rex dinosaur

T-Rex dinosaur

Check out five interesting faith stories across the nation for today and more from Religion News Service's Religion News Roundup.

  1. Pope Francis calls out the Mafia as traffickers.
  2. Tennessee sex education class is being questioned.
  3. Greenville, S.C. Christian school is teaching that dinosaurs aren't millions of years old.
  4. Burmese Buddhists and Muslims are clashing as that nation transitions.
  5. And from the 'Department of Things You Don't See Everyday,' watch a Reuters slideshow of a Nepalese ceremony where an elderly man climbs a 104-foot high leaning chariot tower and casts a coconut down to the crowds.

Read all this and more in today's Religion News Roundup.

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