International breastfeeding symbol

International breastfeeding symbol

Readers, we’re doing an informal survey for an article and want your input.

1. Do you think it’s appropriate to breastfeed during a religious service?

2. Have you ever seen a woman breastfeed in your house of worship?

3. In your house of worship is breastfeeding:
a. generally unacceptable?
b. acceptable wherever the woman is comfortable breastfeeding?
c. something that is done in a room set aside for breastfeeding?

We included a poll below, but we really want to read your comments to the above questions! Reply below, and thanks for your help.

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  1. David Scott

    Ironic isn’t it? One can carry a concealed weapon now into a church, but breastfeeding a child is frowned upon. What’s wrong with this picture?

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