Cannabis leaf

Cannabis leaf

In late January, Public Policy Polling released a poll of North Carolina voters saying 63 percent believed doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana to patients to alleviate pain or other conditions.

Nationally, an increasing number of white and black evangelicals approve of medical marijuana legalization.

Now, 20 states have legalized marijuana either for medical, recreational or both uses. North Carolina now has groups such as the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network and NC NORMLworking toward changing the law. And a year ago, N.C. Rep. Kelly Alexander, D-Mecklenburg, filed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state but the bill stalled in committee.

How do you feel about legalizing medical marijuana in North Carolina?

Is smoking marijuana wrong?

Let us know your thoughts in the poll below.


  1. David Scott

    At least to me, legalizing medical marijuana is a no-brainer and should be done yesterday. What possible harm could it be to allow someone dying of a terminal illness to use a product that lessens his pain? Why shouldn’t chemo patients have the legal right to use anything that will improve their quality of life?

    As far as recreational use, the same criteria that we use on alcohol should apply to marijuana. Can we prohibit the use of weed? NO! Can we legalize, control, and tax it? Probably. This is like a lot of other questions surrounding social issues; there’s not always a perfect answer. Many times, you choose the lesser evil.

  2. I would vote in the poll, but I live in Oregon and don’t want to skew your numbers. Anyway, I can tell you from personal experience that marijuana is a very helpful medication. I’ve seen it help several patients. However, I can see how opposing parties will say that people with severe medical ailments may need this, but by making it available, we also make it available to those that will abuse it. My view on this is, marijuana may be used as a recreational drug, and is being used as one. However, it’s been proven to be safer than our nations most popular recreational drug. One that’s legal, and has absolutely no medical value. Yes, I’d love to see drug dependencies go away, but that will never happen. Wouldn’t you love to see alcoholics putting down the bottle and picking up the bud? Also, is the fear that someone will abuse medication stopping pharma from producing Oxycontin? OK, so I got a bit long winded there. The point is, my answer to your question is…No smoking marijuana is not a bad thing! Thanks for bringing this topic up!

  3. Melody L. Gordon

    Melody L. Gordon

    I always get a chuckle when I read about should marijuana be legal for medical use or recreational use or both. Having reached my majority and graduating high school in 1970, I know about marijuana. I do feel that marijuana has another side more devastating fact. I do think that it is wonderful for people who have glaucoma because it lessens the pressure in the eyes and for cancer patients it gives them an appetite. However, I do think that with the obesity on the rise in this country, I kind of somewhat object to marijuana being legal and used for recreational uses…..because if you think we are overweight now…..wait until all the munchies set it and I do not think that their is a name for above obesity……

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