Misconceptions of Atheists, part 2 — ‘You disbelieve, therefore you are a Satanist.’

You hear it from the radio and television, you hear it from your professional pastor, and you hear it from the smug politician.

Atheists are a threat because they don’t have our morality.

Atheists are a danger because they do not have our given values.

Atheists are a danger to our children. Why? Because Atheists follow Satan!

Photo by Max Kalehoff of Gustave Dore's depiction of satan from Paradise Lost via Flickr

Photo by Max Kalehoff of Gustave Dore’s depiction of satan from Paradise Lost via Flickr

And the fact that Satanism is back in the headlines with the proposed Oklahoma Satanist monument and a woman claiming to be a Satanist mass murderer stir these misconceptions.

It is beyond hard to dignify the comparison of Atheism with “Satanism”. Only the most uneducated or blinkered fool would state that a person unwilling to believe in the mythology of any deity must therefore adhere to, or more oddly worship, the notion of that deity’s demons. The idea, if given any thought at all, is beyond ludicrous.

The idea that Atheism is equal to Satanism spits forth not only from an ignorance of the simple definition of a word but comes from something a little more insidious. Many desperate church people choose to associate any conscious, philosophical or ideological position that conflicts with their teachings with the demons of their own doctrine.

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