5 Ways You Can Help ‘Save WilmingtonFAVS’

Save WilmingtonFAVS

Save WilmingtonFAVS

I know you love Wilmington Faith & Values.

You’ve shown it in your heartfelt emails and comments on this site and on social media over the last week since we announced that funding would end for all FAVS sites on May 31.

Reader Pat DeBello wrote:

“Amanda, this publication (and accompanying activities) have been cohesive, ecumenical and inspirational. I do believe that you are Wilmington’s own Krista Tippett..and those who contribute to the publication have helped both the community as a whole, but also individuals . Heartfelt thanks.”

WilmingtonFAVS’ peace writer Lynn Heritage wrote:

“Amanda, you have done an incredibly amazing job with this endeavor and I surely hope there will be a way for it to continue.”

On Facebook, Wayne Upchurch wrote:

“I am glad to have had the chance to connect with you and FAV, during the recent passing of our mutual friend, Rowan. I just know that many many people are blessed from your work and from encounters with you.”

The good news is there are ways to Save WilmingtonFAVS. We are running a pledge campaign to try to raise $65,000 before May 31 to continue the site for another year. It’s an uphill battle, but no pledges will be cashed unless we reach that goal so it’s a low-risk investment. CLICK HERE TO INVEST IN BALANCED COVERAGE OF FAITH AND VALUES ISSUES IN NORTH CAROLINA (PDF).

Here are just five ways you can help. We’re open to more suggestions, too. Just call us at 910-520-3958.

  1. The site must pay its own expenses so if just 65 people give $1,000 each, Wilmington Faith & Values can continue for another year.
  2. Can’t give that much? If 130 people give $500 each, Wilmington Faith & Values can continue for another year.
  3. Maybe a little less? If 260 people can commit to giving $250 each, then Wilmington Faith & Values can continue for another year.
  4. If giving money isn’t a possibility, can you help contact local or state corporations for help with funding?
  5. Are you a grant writer or good at selling advertising? If we make our goals, we’ll need ways of diversifying our support for years down the road.  Join us!

No matter the outcome of the website, please know that I am committed to supporting and creating interfaith opportunities in our community into the future.

I’m open to all suggestions. Amanda.Greene@wilmingtonfavs.com

3 Responses to “5 Ways You Can Help ‘Save WilmingtonFAVS’”

  1. Kimberly West

    My dearest Amanda,
    I truly hope that FAV can be saved. The work you have done is wonderful and enlightening. Best wishes.
    Kimberly West

  2. Tracy Simmons

    Tracy Simmons

    I hope folks will step up and save this community treasure!

  3. David Scott

    David Scott

    If YOU truly want to save this website and the valuable service it plays, STEP UP TO THE PLATE WITH A LARGE DONATION! Time is running out. DO NOT WAIT!!


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