WilmingtonFAVS is the second hub site for Religion News LLC’s three-year community religion news project, funded through the generosity of the Lilly Endowment. First debuting as a “construction blog” in November 2011, the site later officially launched in spring 2012 as a gathering place for non-sectarian coverage of faith and values news from the Wilmington, N.C./Cape Fear region. The first FAVS site launched in spring 2012 was SpokaneFAVS.com in Spokane, Wash., with editor Tracy Simmons. The third FAVS site launched in July 2012 was ColumbiaFAVS.com in Columbia, Mo., with Kellie Kotraba.

Religion News LLC

Religion News LLC is a nonprofit affiliated with the Religion Newswriters Foundation. Its mission is to provide in-depth, non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ideas. RNLLC advances its mission through the online Religion News Service, its partnering regional hubs, and a diverse group of subscribers who distribute its work.

What’s FAVS?

FAVS, which rhymes with raves, stands for Faith And ValueS. That’s the kind of news we aim to bring you, day in and day out, each week, every month. And if along the way you want to rave a little about your FAV website to say “Thanks for the great coverage!” we would surely appreciate it.

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