Mother Dolores Hart, from kissing Elvis to joining the convent

(RNS) At 24, Dolores Hart, the actress who gave Elvis his first on-screen kiss, gave up a promising Hollywood career to begin life as a cloistered nun. Fifty years later, she writes a memoir to explain her choice to a world that is perhaps even more enamored of celebirty than it was in 1963.

Decorating Jesus’ birthday cake – a Smith family tradition

By Blogger Tracy Bua Smith       This poster image for the 2010 campaign, Baby Scan Jesus, is from   When I put this photo on my Facebook page and personal blog last year and this year, some readers thought that I was announcing that I have been blessed with another precious soul […]

Celebrating St. Nicholas’ Feast Day!

By Blogger Tracy Bua Smith Celebrating St. Nicholas' Feast Day!   One of the joys of being a Catholic is the gift to celebrate so many wonderful feast days, especially during the month of December.   Not only does our family get to anticipate the celebration of Jesus' birth at the end of this month, […]