In the next two weeks, church and choral groups will rush to get their Christmas pageants and concerts completed before the holiday rush. 

Families will erect Christmas trees or light Hanukkah menorahs. 

And so many, many people will shop, shop, shop until they drop to give to their families, loved ones and perhaps people they don't even know in charity. 

Some people may be thinking of loved ones they've lost. Some may feel blue at this time of year. 

As this last festive month of 2012 approaches, how do you complete the sentence: 'Tis the season for. . . .'


Responses to this Viewpoint

Tis the season for…..crazy busy-ness.

Bonny Logsdon Burns |

The hectic nature of the season defines it for Bonny Burns. She says: “However, this time of year can easily pull you from the reason for the season with it's retail distractions, special event distractions, social engagement distractions. Honestly, for me, it takes a more concerted effort to focus on the blessed gift because of the distractions.”


  1. pondering the unfathomable mystery of God’s becoming one of us and what the Incarnation reveals about God’s relationship with us and our inherent dignity

  2. Amanda Greene

    Mary, thanks for your insightful comment. Thanks for reading! If you ever feel like writing more about your spirituality, give us a call 910-520-3958. — Amanda Greene, editor

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