VIEWPOINTS: If you could paint a picture of the Divine, what would it look like?

For centuries, artists have mused about how to depict an image of the Divine. 

Just what does God look like?

Whether it's Michelangelo's commanding white-bearded old man reaching forth with a muscular finger to touch mankind or a wispy mist, picturing the Divine is pure imagination. 

Maybe the Divine is a disembodied light or a bank of forbidding and majestic clouds.

The TV series “Joan of Arcadia plumbed the thought that if we are made in the image and likeness of God, wouldn't God look just like us?

How do you picture the Divine?

One Response to “VIEWPOINTS: If you could paint a picture of the Divine, what would it look like?”

  1. Melody L. Gordon

    Everyone has a different picture of how the Divine looks and it is a very subjective topic. It is according to what time period and what culture you are born into which garners what the Divine’s image is. For me growing up in the 1950’s my image is of a male figure. My children believe of a universality of the Divine with no discernable body type or look. Reform Judaism now embodies that the Divine is a he/she with characteristics’ of either gender since we are all made in God’s image. When I put this question to psychic/medium Angela Blanchet, in the form of an email, she wrote back to me: “If I could paint a picture of the Divine, it would be a canvas painted of the brightest white light scattered with sun golden speckles through which strong, aged, human hands are reaching out. The white light represents the purity and holiness of the Divine. The gold represents the almighty power. The hands represent the strength and support of the Divine and that God is always within your reach. The hands are human to represent that we are made in God’s image and they are aged to represent great knowledge and wisdom. The hands would be reaching out in an inviting way to show God’s desire for us to be with him…..the Divine is always within our reach…..if we choose it.”
    Therefore, to be perfectly honest, the Divine, can have the appearance of what you carry in your heart and in your head. It is according to culture, religion and personal ideologies that forms the picture.


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